PREVENT Wash & Wax shampoo

Product code: TE00843
Packaging: 500 ml
Package: 10pcs.

It is a foaming car shampoo with excellent cleaning effect and fresh scent. It forms a durable, water repellent waxy coating. After its use, the lacquered surface dries evenly and becomes glossy.

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    Using instructions

    • Mix well about 0.05 litres of shampoo in 10 litres of water. Wash the chassis with plenty of water and wash it with the car shampoo solution by using a brush or a sponge. 

    • After washing, thoroughly flush the surface with water and wipe it. 

      Do not wash the car in the blazing sun and do not apply the shampoo on hot chassis.

      It is non-combustible. It may freeze, but it does not damage during freezing.


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