Past and future

Our company has come a long way during the previous fifty years: The chemical industry cooperative started with the collection and processing of medicinal plants back in 1967, while the Medikémia today is a recognised company at European level with a knowledge base of 50 years of experience, which produces chemicals for cars, paints and aerosols. The then managers and employees of the company laid the foundation of the company among the harsh circumstances of the site in the infamous Cserepes sor, Szeged, Hungary.

Today, the Medikémia is producing almost 600 products domestically and for export to almost 20 countries in a state-of-the-art, Western European level plant. It is a private label manufacturer and supplier of famous Western European companies.
However, nothing else changed during the previous 50 years: Medikémia has been still a Hungarian privately owned company, which prioritises the reliable quality, the correct business conduct, innovation and the good business relationships based on long-term cooperation.

The Medikémia Zrt. today - Main data

Profile: production of chemicals for cars, aerosols and aerosol paints.

  • Annual revenue: 8 million EUR
  • Distribution of sales: 2/3 domestic, 1/3 export (to 20      countries).
  • Number of employees: 118.
  • Site: H-6728 Szeged, Zsámbokréti sor 1/A, site area: 25 ha.
  • Main technologies: small-scale and large-scale production of      chemical fluids and paints, aerosol filling, packaging of liquid products.


95% of our products are developed by our own qualified and experienced development experts. Relying on development work, we aspire to add further services and value to our products. 

During the development value analysis, the production of a safe and reliable product to ensure the user satisfaction is always of key importance and even the frequent demand for low price cannot be at the expense of this.  

Each year we market several new products, the introduction of which is always preceded by careful and thorough tests and storage tests.

Quality and environment

Medikémia is committed to the long-term sustainable quality. However, the concept of quality is always linked to the concept of appropriate value for money, by prioritising the aspects of the users. 

Since 1985, our Company has been operating a full-scope ISO 9001 quality assurance system for every field of our activities. 

It is a highly important feedback for us that our customers and users have had trusted and believed in the quality of our brands and products for many decades and they return to buy and use our products again and again.

Our Company is committed to the best possible harmony between the chemical plant and the environment. This basic policy is highly supported by the ISO 14001 environmental management system having been operating since 2000. If you enter the site of Medikémia, you see even at the first sight that this harmony is reflected also by the view of the environment: the trees, the plants and the lawn occupying large areas between the chemical plants and other buildings.

Production and technology

The multifunctional aerosol and liquid filling lines, the well-developed labelling and printing systems, the multifaceted packaging technology are all linked with extremely high capacity, therefore, we are always ready to rapidly perform the new, even special orders, however small-scale or extremely large-scale they are.
In our production, including also the water bath technology supervision of aerosols, state-of-the-art safety systems complying with legal and technological requirements are applied.

Warehousing and logistics

In our state-of-the-art and safe warehouses, sufficient stocks are available to serve our more than 100 customers from stock.  

We supply our products directly to a given shop of multinational stores, to Hungarian or foreign central warehouses, to wholesalers, to some retailers and also to large-scale users. 

Based on the consistent feedbacks from our customers, Medikémia is a highly reliable and timely supplier you can always count on.

Markets and references

A significant part of our products are market leaders in Hungary. The majority of the multinational stores (Auchan, Metro, Obi, Praktiker, Spar and Tesco) are among our main distributors. 

Our crucial partners are the Hungarian wholesalers of the car chemicals and the paints and household chemicals market.

Our company exports its own products to many neighbouring countries and it has a wider and wider group of Private Label partners. Our Private Label products are exported to 20 countries within Europe and also overseas via our partners of great international reputation and visibility, out of which the most important reference is the international network of the Würth International AG.